The goal of this workshop is to acquire the knowledge of printing techniques, in order to give the students the resources needed to develop their personal creativity.



-To analyze and understand the act of creating in the art world.

- To introduce basic concepts of composition and graphic language.

- To familiarize the student with the different material and tools for printing.

- To delve into and understand the different combination of materials and techniques used to obtain a print.

-To learn the different printing techniques: wood block, etching, linoleum, monotypes, additive plates, monochromatic stamping with color...

-To investigate new sources and materials

-To evaluate one's own creative capacity in terms of the effort extended during the creative process to produce a given result.

-To work on the creative process and develop a capacity for criticism.

-To create a pleasant working environment. In this workshop, the students work autonomously on their projects. This way the teacher adapts to the rhythm and needs of each individual, orienting them to study in depth the concepts, materials, techniques and supports presented in the class.>


Prof:Cristina Pérez i Alay

Monday from 14:15 to 17:15
Wednesday from 9:15 to 13:15.
128 Euros (One three hour class per week)
147 Euros (One four hour class per week)
Material not included.
Printmaking Printmaking Printmaking Printmaking Printmaking

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