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This is a beginner course that focuses on the improvement of technique of drawing and painting the human figure.



To work on composition, proportion and movement in different techniques such as drawing, painting both dry and oil and water based.

- Each session will consist of rapid studies and longer poses.

- The student will learn different ways to look at the human figure in order to acquire the tools necessary to help them express themselves.

-There will be both male and female models.

- Students will evaluate their own creative capacity in terms of the effort extended and the results achieved.

-The students will work on the creative process and the development of the capacity to critique one's own work.

- To create a pleasant and productive work environment. In this workshop students are autonomous and work at their own pace.

The teacher will adapt to the needs and rhythm of each student.

*The price of the class does not include materials.


Prof. Aníbal Riverol

Thursday from 10:00h to 13:00h 



128€ (1 shift of 3 hours weekly)

The price of this course does not include materials. 


live model live model live model live model

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