The main objective of this course is to offer a wide variety of techniques that will help the student find his or her expressive voice within the language of lithography.



  • - To analyze and understand the concept of lithography in the art world. Print runs, editions etc.

- To introduce some basic concepts of composition within the vocabulary that is lithography, such as line, inversion, marking, and flat color planes.

- To familiarize and teach the students to manipulate different tools and materials.

-To investigate and understand the combination of techniques and materials to achieve a print.

-To learn the different techniques of lithography on aluminum plates: Preparing the plate, the acid bath, reinforcing the image, printing the image and storing the plate. - To evaluate one's own capacity to create in terms of the effort needed to realize a piece and the results obtained.

- To work on one's creative process and to develop the ability to critique one's own work.

- To create productive and pleasant working environment. In this workshop, the students work at their own pace, in such a way as to allow the teacher to adapt to the needs of each individual student; to orient the student in investigating concepts through the use of the techniques and materials.


Prof. Cristina Perez i Alay

Thursdays from 9:15am to 1:15 pm



147€ (once a week for 4 hours)

The price of the course does not include materials.

lithography lithography lithography lithography lithography

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