With this course we propose and understanding of the art of ceramics, connecting its history and technology to its use as a prime material: clay and the tools to work it. 
You will get hands on experience while learning techniques of modeling and construction. We will also make simple reproductions from plaster molds, while learning the process of this method of working; the drying, the firing and different decorative systems. 
-To instruct the student in the technique of ceramics for the identification and the application of different methods, materials of construction, and decoration.
- To awaken the students perception of their relationship with the material and to motivate the creative capacity of each individual. 
-Quick theoretical introductory explanation of materials and techniques.
-Introduction on the manipulation of clay and the use of each tool.
-The students will be guided through individual projects of their own choosing.
-There will be an emphasis on the application of technique, creativity and the finished piece.
-There will be an exhibition of student work.
-Visits to other ceramic exhibitions. 
Monday from 10:00 - 13:00 (Teacher Victoria Villalonga)
Wensday from 15:00  -18:00 pm. (Teacher Marc Vidal)
Friday from 10:00 -13:00 Elementary (Teacher Maria Fuster)
Friday from 15:00  -18:00 pm. (Teacher Marc Vidal)
128 (one 3-hour shift weekly)
Only the red clay and white batch of low temperature, are included in the price.

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